Who is STW Engineering for?

Crypto Beginners

Getting started with cryptocurrencies can be daunting, especially taking that first plunge. Let us offer you guidance not only with investing, but also how the blockchain works, the exciting (and often confusing) world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and many other areas.

Privacy and Freedom Enthusiasts

Let us show you how to use cryptocurrency for what it was designed for, to help people break free from the existing (and broken) financial systems. From tips on best privacy practices to learning the best coins for investing and staking, we can show you how to become more financially independent.

Experienced Investors and Traders

Is trading your passion, but you know nothing about Solidity, smart contracts, gas fees, etc.? Let us design your custom trading bots based on your indicators and strategies to help maximize your profits in crypto trading.

AI Enthusiasts

Interested in having your very own AI/LLM set-up? We have recently begun offering custom at-home open-source LLM and personal AI assistant set-ups! Harness the power of AI and LLMs from the comfort of your own home without the limitations of popular paid models.

Meet the company mascots!

cooper and jasmine

Cooper is an OG crypto lover just like his papa. Being a Corgi, he couldn't care less about Doge or Shiba Inu, this boy has always loved the Mac Daddy: Bitcoin. Jasmine genuinely couldn't care less about crypto, however she loves to support her dad and brother in their ventures.

Beta release of our AI trading bot!

aicryptobot graphic

Bringing the power of our proprietary AI algorithms to your crypto trading, the STW Engineering AI trading bot is a force to be reckoned with. Free to download for beta testing, we have huge plans for upcoming development that will integrate with mining, DeFi trading, staking, and more, all automated with AI. Learn more and download the beta to give it a try on our Download page!


David Ward

Veteran day trader

"I don't know how he did it, but Travis took my indicator and made me a crypto trading bot that has seen consistent 10%+ returns."

Troy Babbitt

Crypto noob

"Former crypto noob. Travis held my hand and let me ask as many stupid questions as I could come up with. He knows what he's doing and is a great resource to have."

Contact Us

2001 Ross Ave #700 Dallas, TX 75201



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