The future of personalized crypto software is here! (almost)

Introducing our newly released AI-driven crypto trading bot, currently in beta. Incorporating advanced, automated chart and trend analysis and premium technical indicators, this tool detects the best entry and exit opportunities and automates critical trading decisions to maximize your profits at significantly reduced effort for both newer and established tokens. With robust features like sniping, front-running detection and avoidance, scam and rug pull detection, and more, our tool offers more functionality than any other that we know of. Working on major centralized exchanges as well as the Ethereum network, we have plans to include all DeFi network chains in the near future. Currently only available for Windows users to use and test, however a MacOS version will be released soon. This is a work in progress; your testing the program will help us improve it and we're always open to suggestions/requests for additional features or improvements. Our ultimate goal is to release a stable, open-source, self-managed program with the option for paid customization.

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We are still working out the bugs, and appreciate your patience and your help in testing the program. The program is working well for most users. We've had a few reports of the installer not initializing on certain system versions, so if you have any issues or the installer loads but the program window doesn't pop up, please contact us here with your operating system version. Also note that for the time being we are using accessory DLL files to load all the AI modules properly, but we're working on an update for this to make it all streamlined in one EXE (and soon, DMG).


Looking forward to the not so distant future, we are excited about expanding this tool's capabilities to include automated mining. This will involve intelligent machine learning algorithms capable of determining the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine in real-time, and automatically shifting to that token. Users will also gain the ability to dictate specific actions for the bot, such as holding or selling mined assets, allowing for a tailored investment and mining experience.

Future updates will also expand to all DeFi network chains, including any ERC-20 based tokens, as well as Tron, Solana, you name it. We will also enable the bot to locate, analyze for scam/rug pull potential, and participate in staking pools that offer favorable returns, as well as automatically manage trades across all DeFi networks. These features are designed to give you a comprehensive tool for navigating the complex landscape of cryptocurrency trading and mining. We're looking to build the ultimate "one stop shop" crypto program, all powered by our proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms.

We're just getting started, and we appreciate your interest and assistance as we work to turn this vision into reality, providing you with the most powerful assistant in your cryptocurrency ventures. As we work out the kinks and bugs, we greatly appreciate your feedback, as well as reporting of errors, suggestions for improvement, ideas for added features, etc. Anyone who helps out during these initial phases will receive drastic discounts on the finished product (as well as my respect and admiration!)

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