Meet the STW Engineers Mascots, Cooper and Jasmine!

Cooper and Jasmine

With more than 6 years of industry expertise, Cooper's chops are second to none. Seriously, this little guy lives and breathes blockchain. He's always the first to jump on the latest crypto trend, whether it's NFTs, altcoins, or DeFi protocols. Sometimes it seems like he's more into crypto than me, and that's saying something! Also, he helps handle many of our most successful clients' portfolios, so even his papa has something to learn from him.

On the other hand, Jasmine couldn't care less about Bitcoin or blockchains. Seriously, you mention crypto, and she's already half-asleep, dreaming about treats and belly rubs. We don't mind though, we love her laid-back vibe as he reminds us to take a breather and not get too caught up in the crypto frenzy.

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